I’m very happy to announce to you that Punk Vision-NFT financial derivatives aggregation service community autonomous platform has passed Certik audit (https://www.certik.org/projects/punkvision) and will be held at 18:00 on September 18 (GMT+ 8) Open 7 large staking pools (ETH, BNB, BAKE, UNI, USDT, USDC, DAI). Based on the BSC smart chain network, we build our own interest rate model, clearing mechanism and clearing logic, allowing users to participate in the global NFT pass Liquidity is provided, and the pledges included in the liquidity vault will provide income returns. PUNK is our ecological governance token.

Punk Vision will start the testnet test today and submit it for audit

Punk Vision, which focuses on DAO+NFT, is continuing to push the project forward

We will start the testnet test today, after which we will submit an audit

Welcome all support users to participate together and put forward your valuable opinions

Let us look forward to the emergence of Punk Vision’s innovative NFT+DeFi staking pool

The combination of high APY and NFT will be very good news for all supporters

Please visit our official website to learn more about us http://punkvision.finance/

Punk Vision Held the Initial Offline Exhibition in Canada on June 4th

Punk Vision: a decentralized NFT+DAO Protocol will combine DeFi and NFT

In addition to the development of blockchain technology, we also pursue freedom, value, and art

We are very happy to announce that we held the initial offline NFT exhibition at The Hazelton Hotel in the heart of Toronto, Canada, from 8:00 AM to 18:00 PM, Thursday, June 4th, 2021 EDT.

It is a small NFT physical collection display, including 13 emerging artists’ works from Singapore, Australia, Canada, and New York

We will decide whether to issue those NFT assets on Binance’s NFT platform based on the feedback from this exhibition.

If these works are approved by the majority of the supporting community members, the DAO voting will be launched

Tomorrow will be great!

Punk Vision, which focuses on DAO+NFT, is continually trying to implement NFT on DEFI.

Single-Coin (BNB/PUNK) Staking Pool is included in the latest testing with adorable APY.

We are trying to combine various projects on BSC with PUNK in the staking program.

Thus, those projects, including Sports NFT, Show NFT and Artistic NFT, provide liquidity for PUNK and accelerate the building of NFT Auction.

All of them will be displayed and auctioned.

What is the origin of Punk Vision’s DAO + DeFi? First, we must know what NFT is. The full name of NFT is Non-Fungible Token.

If you have 1 BTC and another one has 1 BTC, too. Their value are the same, and they can be exchanged at will.


An NFT + DAO ecosystem on BSC almost completed;

A DeFi test was conducted in Punk Vision’s derivatives platform today;

Including front-end interaction and quick link to the wallet;

We are about to open multiple BSC staking pool-liquidity provider;

Multiple liquidity staking pools will benefit the Punk Vision NFT auctions;

Users will earn considerable APY;

After completing the internal test, we will submit staking pool to the audit company;

Punk Vision hopes to create freedom and a beneficial Art Ecosystem for everyone.

This is what we’ve been doing!

We announced Punk Vision is to explore NFT+DeFi in last AMA. The testing of BSC goes smoothly. We are discussing with experienced teams on DeFi strategies.

It seems to be new and challenging to NFT. For example, how to make a combination of Non-Fungible Token and Universal Token in BSC, and then realize the NFT Auction Function. Please be patient! We are pushing! Punk Vision is coming soon!

Art is to discover the whole world from different perspectives.

Punk Vision is to discover the NFT world from different probabilities.

Today, Punk Vision had a wonderful AMA and had a hot discussion with the supporters of DEFI. Regarding the future of NFT+DEFI and NFT+DAO, this AMA is precious!

In the past week, we thought about NFT and liquidity derivatives.
Punk Vision cannot be regarded as DeFi lending.
It should be a NFT liquidity derivative.
Punk Vision provides liquidity for NFT assets.
Supporters contributed a lot to Punk.
They deserve a large amounts of rewards.

PunkVision NFT

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